Forward 1%

Penny to penny, what can we do with 1% tax?
The Personal Income Tax Act gives every taxpayer the opportunity to transfer 1% of tax on the target of their choice, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. If the taxpayer does not indicate the place of transfer of this amount, it goes to the state budget. Let's take advantage of the opportunity that the legislator gave us. Our Association is Organization of Public Benefit (OPP) and it is listed in the National Court Register (KRS). Therefore, we could to raise money from share 1% of tax. We acquire money for our partners and clients. We work closely with schools, sports clubs and other non-governmental organizations.

How to pass 1%
The entire transfer procedure is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes a year. The selected institution, seeking to obtain funds for purposes in accordance with the statutes of the Association, may acquire 1% by promoting the project. Those wishing to donate 1% should fill in boxes 137-138 in block J and block 139 in block K in PIT-37 as follows:

137. KRS number

138. The amount requested
The amount that the taxpayer wishes to transfer to OPP, the amount requested may not exceed 1% of the amount of tax due (PIT-37 is column 138) after rounding to full tens of pennies down.

139. Specific objective
The goal is not imposed and depends on the selected needs.

This action brings help to schools, sports clubs etc., they get new equipment and broaden the teaching base.

Goals are different
- sports development of a particular person
- purchase of sports equipment for all institutions
- funding for sports camps and events

We are convinced that it is worth looking for new ways to achieve more, diversifying everyday life and finding joy in active and above all healthy lifestyle.

Nobel Sport has already helped in many sports ventures, giving the opportunity to meet the sports dreams of many people and institutions.

We do not want to rest on our laurels, so we are still expanding our activity.