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Chess "One"

Primary School No. 1 in Tychy has been cooperating faithfully with us for several years, we have been able to equip ourselves with the necessary chess hardware and contribute to the establishment of the chess club UKS JEDYNKA. As you can see for anyone who wants something difficult, it is always worth looking for ways to give more for yourself and for others. And what an amazing joy to look at kids who can pursue their passions and shape new skills.

If you want to support Primary School 1 with your 1%, below you will find all the information. We also encourage cooperation in all areas of sport, for those who want more!
Out of love for sport - NOBEL SPORT TYCHY

We support elementary school number 1 in TYCHY

The Nobel Sport Sports Association sponsored a chest for exercise and overhead projector In 2014 for Primary School No. 1 in Tychy. Incredible as little things can affect students' joy and diversify their education. Let's take an example from Elementary School No. 1 and look for solutions and support to be able to continue to grow.

Horses in the eyes of Olimpia Bembnik

We present the charge of the Association of Nobel Sport, Olimpia Bembenik, a young and talented player of the Equestrian Club "Agro-Handel Śrem" Stable Olsza. As we can see, there is a lot of passion that connects us one-to achieve the set goals and constantly develop. Olimpia wish a lot of sports success and a smile every day.

XIII Memorial in cross-country skiing in Łęka

We provided financial support to the School Team No. 9 in Łęka for the organization of cross-country skiing memorials. In the 13th edition of the competition took part nearly two hundred participants - children, adolescents and adults.

All the players and guests were greeted by the head of the School and Pre-School Team in Łęka, Mr. Grzegorz Świerkot, and Mr. Witold Wiktorczyk, the member of the Board of the District Council and the headmaster of the Primary School no. 1 in Pszczyna.

At firts started out students from primary schools. It was the most numerous group of participants in the competition. They bravely drove distances from 600 to 1000 meters. Then students started to run high school and junior high school. The competition took place at distances of 800 to 1000 meters. The adults in the open category at the distance of 1000 and 1500 meters were the last.

III International Ski Championships in Poland

The Nobel Sport Sports Association was one of the co-organizers of the International Polish Skijering Championships held in Karpacz on February 8, 2014.

Skijoering is a growing discipline in Poland. It traveled from Scandinavia, where it was treated as a way of moving. The name - Skijoering means "pulling the skis".
The team consists of a skier and a motorcyclist. Together as a duet they should be like one organism, because it depends on the speed and the way to overcome the lap. If we set three teams on the road, the ordinary lap would turn into a shoulder-to-shoulder battle of the modern gladiators.
Skijoering is a unique discipline.
It was sunny Saturday 8 February at the Town in Karpacz - the atmosphere was like explosive mix. It will remain in memory for a long time, not only as a great sporting spectacle, but also as an example that a handful of passionate people are able to overcome the adversity of the fate and make the impossible.

Young tennis player-Bartosz Bożek

The Nobel Sport Sports Association assists young people in meeting their goals and developing their sports talents.
Since January 2014, Bartosz Bożek has been supporting sports development.

Old Boys Polish Cup

Last meeting of the Old Boys Polish Cup guested in Falcon Club in Sosnowiec. There were 28 players in the Tournament.
On the first day the group games there weren't any major surprises. From Table 2 KO were played also 2 queues. As one of the first unexpectedly fell was: defender of the 3rd place last year -Mr Boguslaw Fortuński and Mr Kazimierz Wasiak.
On Sunday morning in the next round, such famous players as Sajtyna and Nowak fell off. In the quarter-final round were defeated: Ostaszewski, Samsel, Malinowski and Szerechan. Old guard Jarosław Regulski and Tomasz Kwiecień returned to the medal fight, but they had to recognize the superiority of their younger colleagues. Arkadiusz Macioł from Mario's Club in Mikołów came to the top of the podium, beating Maciej Mroza 6: 4 from Nowy Sącz, who made his second appearance this year.
The total ranking was 86 players. Tomasz Malinowski was the winner , Tomasz Kwiecień was the second and Jarosław Regulski the third. In fourth place was Andrzej Nowak and fifth place was taken by Artur Banasik and Zbigniew Samsel.

X Memorial of Alojzy Pławecki

For 10 years on Saturday at the turn of September and October is held cross-country skiing in the Łąka. The main memorial is to commemorate the memory of the long-time director of the school in Łąka and the great popularizer of the sport - Mr A. Pławecki. Organized competitions also serve to promote cross-country skiing, healthy lifestyles, and identify the talented young people of our region. Regardless of the weather, over 150 participants take part in 10 starter categories each year.

Students in elementary, middle and high school and vocational schools can participate in the course, as well as adults up to 100 years of age who have a good health record and a medical certificate stating the ability to exercise for a long time or written permission from their parents to participate.

Winners in each category receive diplomas, medals and occasional t-shirts and material prizes, which are awarded to the top 5 places in each start category. In addition, the points in the general classification are converted. The first three schools of each type are given souvenir cups. Snacks and drinks are provided for each participant.

Competitions can be held thanks to the involvement of all the staff of the School and Pre-School Team in Łąka. Help in the organization of the Memorial are also shown: District Office in Pszczyna, Town and Commune Office Pszczyna, MORiS, Council in Łąka, Carbo Asecura branch Pszczyna, Halina Tomaszek Pszczyna Bakery, Stanisław Pala, LKS Łąka Sport Club.

Super Floater

In 2015 we have established cooperation with OSN, ie the Organization of Disabled Students at the University of Economics in Katowice. Thanks to our support, we managed to organize swimming competition "SUPER PŁYWAK 2015"("Super Floater 2015"). In the swimming competition, which consisted of summing up the kilometers traveled by the competitors, students and employees of the University could participate.We hope that further cooperation will develop successfully and will bring many sports benefits.

Bartek is still growing!

Remember that young tennis player?
From January 2014, we support Bartek's sports development. We are happy to observe his next achievements. We wish you a lot of successes and deterioration on the way to your goal!
And we encourage you not to neglect and encourage the youngest to be physically active and develop your passion.

FALCONS are with us

Recently, we have established a partnership with the "TYCHY FALCONS" Sports Club, which is a fan of American football. The first team training took place on 13 July 2008, in which 13 people participated. Today the club enjoys great interest both among young people and adults. We are glad to have the pleasure of supporting a group of people who are constantly developing, and sport is a real passion for them!
If you also want to support the FALCONS team, we encourage you to donate 1% of the public tax.
Taxes may be levied on personal income taxpayers, taxpayers on lump-sum income taxpayers, taxpayers who run a one-person business and who uses a linear 19% tax rate, taxpayers earning income from securities trading, taxpayers earning income from the sale of property for sale.
The entire transfer procedure is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes. Fill in boxes 123-124 in block I and block 125 in block J as follows:
123. KRS number: 0000180789.
124. The amount requested: the amount that the taxpayer wishes to transfer to OPP, the amount requested may not exceed 1% of the amount of tax due (PIT-37 is column 118), rounded to full tens of cents down.
125. Specific Objective 1%: Tychy Falcons
For the remaining forms fill in the corresponding blocks in the same way.

4 Pool Tournament NS 3 Stawy

Mateusz Śniegocki's triumph from Hades Poznan ended last year's fourth edition of the Nobel Sport tournament in Katowice. Mateusz defeated Wojciech Trajdosa 9-5 in the final of the Konsalnet Warsaw. At the bottom of the podium there were two competitors Nosan Kielce: Karol Skowerski and Radoslaw Babica.

The first eight also included Michał Turkowski (Nosan Kielce), Mariusz Skoneczny (Duet Tomaszów Maz.), Sławomir Nowak (Konsalnet W-wa) and Dominik Zając from Trefel Sopot.

3 Pool Tournament NS 3 Stawy

For the third time this year, the top 32 Polish billiards players met in the 3 Stawy Shopping Center in Katowice to fight for 12 thousand. Zł. The first two editions were won by Wojciech Trajdos and Mateusz Śniegocki. This time triumphed young player from the duo Lipiński Roof of Tomaszów Mazowiecki, who in the finals beat Mieszko Fortunski (DSB Zaglebie Baribal Lubin) after a very exciting duel 9: 8. The third place was taken by Slawomir Nowak (Konsalnet Warszawa) and Radoslaw Babica (Nosan Kielce). For the victory in the tournament Skoneczny received a check for the amount of 4 thousand Zł. Defeated Fortuński was enriched by 3 thousand zl. . On Sunday during the final day we had the opportunity to see again the show of billiards tricks performed by multiple world champion - Bogdan Wolkowski. The show was very popular with viewers, shopping center customers. Next and also the last edition of the Nobel Prize Pool is scheduled for December this year.

Table Football Tournament Par

On 30-31 January 2010 in the 3Stawy Shopping Center held a table tennis tournament pairs. The competition was attended by 71 teams from all over the country. Interest in non-professional players who accounted for about half of all participants was very large. The location of the venue was very attractive.

The shopping center is associated with crowd and ubiquitous noise, in the 3Stawy complex managed to isolate the enclave, which gave a very nice and professional atmosphere for the players and supporters.

The prize pool, which attracted players from all over Poland, and the best players who won titles in international tournaments, certainly contributed to the high attendance. The presence of such stars definitely improves the quality of promotion and presentation of table football, and that is the purpose of this tournament.

No surprises in the best places. The winners, Jacek Raczek and Marcin Snopkowski, are titled champions, members of the Polish national team for the last World Championships held in January in the French Nantes. The second place got Agata Ćwiąkała and Jacek Wojciechowski, who also make up the Polish table football.Agata Ćwiąkała has for many years maintained an unhealthy leader position among the ladies playing in our country. The third place could come to many starting pairs. Nevertheless, the game's consistency and consistency in training allowed them to reach the third podium by Tomasz Pobozy and Barnabas Szustak.

The high ranking players from Katowice, Piotr Zielonacki and Michał Urbaniak deserve attention. The first one has not participated in professional tournaments for years and the second one has never been in the national rankings, despite the presence of a person with the same name and surname. So the place in the range of 13-16 can be considered as a huge success.

Certainly, professional players like Marcin Nawrot and Sebastian Koćwin, who were far away in the results list, were not impressed. A little better, but below their capabilities were such couples as Barbara Umowska and Dominika Klukowska and Bartosz Kasprzyk and Dawid Przybysz.

To summarize the tournament at the 3Stawy Shopping Center, congratulate the organizers of the idea and the sponsors of this initiative. The patronage of the Polish Football Association will certainly contribute to the professionalization of this type of tournament in the future.

Main Prize - Zdrovit Team

  1. - Szybcy i Wściekli Jacek Raczkier Marcin Snopkowski
  2. - Nielypa Ekypa Agata Ćwiąkała Jacek Wojciechowski
  3. - Byle do przodu Barnaba Szustak Tomasz Poboży
  4. - Just 4 Fun Agnieszka Rutowska Kacper Grzebiela
  5. - Toruń 2016 Tomasz Kowalski Krystian Aranowski
  6. - Żwirek i Muchomorek Paweł Sielski Jakub Ziencikiewicz
  7. - Hey Poker Filip Kubiatowicz Przemysław Noga
  8. - 2 Stawy Marcin Chrostowski Emil Urbański
  9. - PowerWafel Michał Urbaniak Paweł Jóźwiak
  10. - Pękatek i Tutek Marcin Rokoszewski Łukasz Tomczuk
  11. - Mały i DUŻY Marcin Książek Konrad Michalik
  12. - TuBEJe Michał Melnyczok Dawid Klugowski
  13. - Szmaciarze Piotr Zielonacki Michał Urbaniak
  14. - Staszek/Patol Stanisław Jaworski Patryk Sawicki
  15. - Słuchaj Synek Paweł Walczak Daniel Komorowski
  16. - Play or Die Filip Gawinek Cezary Bdzikot
  17. - Ruby&Mega Paweł Mleczko Dawid Marniok
  18. - Transferzy Adrian Przybył Marek Pokój
  19. - Filonki Małgorzata Filon Zuzanna Filon
  20. - Nie płacz, nie płacz Ziemowit Zieliński Michał Grzybek
  21. - RapidFire Remigiusz Fleszar Maciej Niszewski
  22. - XXX Łukasz Polak Robert Kotecki
  23. - Batman i Robin Przemysław Otrębski Robert Nowakowski
  24. - Chata u Brata Rafał Pawełek Mateusz Mazur
  25. - Goliaty Jakub Krzysiak Tomasz Goliszek
  26. - Carpe Diem 1 Arkadiusz Pitak Szymon Sanecznik
  27. - Syf i Mrok Tomasz Kołaczyk Rafał Wesołowski
  28. - Urwie Łby Maciej Pigulski Michał Zawadzki
  29. - Rasta Team W-G Artur Barabasz Mariusz Barabasz
  30. - Kraków Bartosz Golonka Dorota Wąchał
  31. - Malinowa Mamba Mateusz Malinowski Grzegorz Zawiłowicz
  32. - Wolny Los Artur Machnicki Przemysław Klasik
  33. - Blokers Team Jakub Rabenda Łukasz Hankus
  34. - Brygada RR Aleksander Rasek Krzysztof Rasek
  35. - Niepokonani Porażka Bartosz Kasprzyk Dawid Przybysz
  36. - Angel of Doom Barbara Umowska Dominika Klukowska
  37. - FC Rasta Szymon Miklar Jakub Jurasz
  38. - Dwa Koble Robert Lis Sebastian Żydek
  39. - Dream Team Krzysztof Maciaszek Rafał Deda
  40. - Na szybko Tomasz Sipek Paweł Maloch
  41. - WG Team Krzysztof Figura Andrzej Kaleta
  42. - Bąbelki Marek Majerski Alan Piksa
  43. - Dwie zgrzewki w plecy Krzysztof Kwiatosz Łukasz Jachimczak
  44. - Kakao Team Szymon Janik Marcin Fronczek
  45. - SBK Maciej Drabik Paweł Pupiń
  46. - Emeryci Artur Antoniewicz Adil Hilmi
  47. - Blue Team Mirosław Śliwa Janusz Śliwa
  48. - Ci którzy przyjechali po Robeciaka Marcin Nawrot Sebastian Koćwin
  49. - No name Mateusz Thamm Marcin Thamm
  50. - Bracia.M Andrzej Marchliński Krzysztof Marchliński
  51. - FC Świony Mateusz Jóźwiak Marcin Jóźwiak
  52. - Giszowioki Sebastian Przybył Klaudia Przybył
  53. - Szwagry z Kosty Dariusz Żogała Damian Jastrzębski
  54. - Amatorzy Mirosław Książek Rafał Amann
  55. - Ballantine's Jacek Woźniak Robert Wiatrowski
  56. - Kuleczki Daniel Raczyński Tomasz Dutkowski
  57. - Stara Medzia Maciej Smolec Jakub Pawlisiak
  58. - Domino Team Małgorzata Łukasik Tomasz Gorzelak
  59. - 2Pac Fryderyk Trybuś Łukasz Jakubowski
  60. - Pink Angels Martyna Piętak Małgorzata Turowska
  61. - Algieria Friakh Mounir Labed Zoubir
  62. - Tsunami Amir Malik Michał Nawrat
  63. - Carpe Diem Paulina Kozłowska Paweł Kubacki
  64. - Przedostatni Łukasz Kaszyca Grzegorz Kapuścik
  65. - Lucky Losers Patryk Pietrzyński Piotr Sitko
  66. - Galerianki Agnieszka Hałgas Agnieszka Komasińska
  67. - Zdrovit Team Jakub Włosek Marcin Langos
  68. - Sitirigit Tomasz Masoń Przemysław Czudaj
  69. - Los Pedros Jacek Gorzelak Łukasz Łukasik
  70. - KOS-Team Adam Kostka Tomasz Kostka
  71. - M&M Team Marcin Kuch Mariusz Kuch

Kill the Devill Hill 2016

Lower Silesian Triathlon is a cyclical event, which perfectly fits into the Lower Silesian love of activity, the openness of the region, as well as its mystery. In 2016 we had the pleasure of being the patron and co-organizer of this event.
Kill the Devil Hill is a unique run.
The event took place during the summer season as an open event on the Orlinek ski jumping hill.

Sprint to the summit of the ski slope "Orlinek" in Karpacz was connected with a water crossing. Altogether 300 meters of extreme route over 30 ° angle of incline.
The tour included:

  • 50m run + 50m water crossing (max 3m deep)
  • 140m sharply upward, grassy run
  • 60m extremly up to the top of the hill.

The run was played in the following categories:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Third person relay

It was very interested event, with large number of participants and their accompanying people.

We are convinced that it is worth looking for new ways to achieve more, diversifying everyday life and finding joy in active and above all healthy lifestyle.

Nobel Sport has already helped in many sports ventures, giving the opportunity to meet the sports dreams of many people and institutions.

We do not want to rest on our laurels, so we are still expanding our activity.