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The importance of water in the human body does not need to be reminded. In a short summary: it represents 45 to 75% of body weight, is a very good solvent and an excellent environment for almost all life processes in our body. It is a nutrient that transports nutrients and metabolites inside and between cells and protects the fetus, the eyeball, and the brain, for example. Deficiency of water determines our mood, too low hydration of the body influences. To moisturize our skin, and thus its appearance or lowers energy levels. Because of the above, it does not matter how much water we drink each day. According to experts, a decent standard for an adult is 1.5 l each day. This amount, however, depends on our lifestyle, ambient temperature, etc. On the market we have natural spring water, mineral water, healing water or table water, and their "versions" carbonated and non-carbonated. We also have alkaline water. What is alkaline water really? In fact, it is drinking water, whose pH is high, alkaline - above 7.5. Its history dates back to the early 70's. It is produced during the electrolysis process, where all dissolved salts in it divide into two parts: alkaline (pH above 7) and acidic (below pH 7). Water-soluble salts during electrolysis decompose into positive metal ions (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) and negative acid residues (containing sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine). Unfortunately, after the completion of the electrolysis, when the current stops flowing, the water parameters return to their original state. To keep the ions in water we use devices called water ionisers. We find a lot of ionizers on the market, with its purchase, check which materials are made and whether it is easy to use and clean. The positive effect of alkaline water is mainly maintaining the alkaline balance of our body, Homeostasis. In our body, a constant amount of hydrogen ions must be maintained for proper functioning and our body has many mechanisms that regulate their quantity. Unfortunately, as a result of an unbalanced diet, and especially when we supply food with excess protein, these innate mechanisms of homeostatic balance may be disturbed. Amino acids from these "redundant" proteins are converted to acids, which in turn acidify. Calcium from our bones neutralizes the resulting acids in the blood and prevents the pH from falling. The acids formed by the metabolic processes are also neutralized by the buffering substances. The excretion of excess CO2 by the lungs and the excretion of acids and bases by the kidneys are also a way of acid-base balance. The food supply only changes the pH of the urine, which is still excreted, directly does not change the pH of the body, it is the result of several transformations described above (proteins - amino acids - calcium - blood). So the question is, how can alkaline water react to pH? Alkalinity of water "disappears" when it hits the stomach where it hits the hydrochloric acid, which neutralizes it, certainly has a positive effect on heartburn and reflux but also short-lived. Produces larger amounts of acid and can cause strong acidosis. It is said that alkaline water prevents bone fractures. As a result, water rich in minerals, particularly in calcium, may well contribute to replenishing the deficiencies of this element in our body, but if we are well saturated with this element, alkaline water can contribute to its deposition as kidney stones or contribute to negative Thyroid function. That's why - all in moderation! Alkaline water helps to get rid of toxins from the body and burn fat. As the producers of this water disinfect the intestines, it strengthens their protection against pathogenic microorganisms and helps to remove intestinal tracts. But the same goes for fiber and "plain" water. Similar to the reduction of adipose tissue. In this case, yes, it may be useful to improve the pH and help begin to kilograms, and then keep the effects of weight loss. Remember, however, that weight dropping must be controlled and our diet can not rely on water itself. In case our daily menu is rich in sweets, it can be observed that our skin looks unfavorably, it is gray and aging faster. Increasing Glucose (Glutathione is a process in which our protein "grabs" the sugar and slowly destroys it. They harden, and thus they begin to lose their functions.) Research confirms that alkaline water can help improve skin condition, restore its firmness by reducing glycation. You would also want to cut down on sugar in your diet. Alkaline water perfectly complements the mineral deficiencies in the body especially in physically active people. We know that by doing sport we need more water, we consume more minerals, and our metabolites need to be excreted from the body. But we must drink not only alkaline water, but also this "ordinary". Alkaline water will be a magnesium, potassium or calcium supplement. Alkaline water has antioxidant properties. During electrolysis in water a hydroxide OH- is formed, which unfortunately is a strong free radical. Free radicals damage cells and DNA. The question is - what is therefore the antioxidant in alkaline water? Alkaline water producers call it ionized water. As the name implies, ionized water contains ions, but each mineral water contains ions. Also, using ion water in tap water that will contain less minerals, the electrolysis process will be weak and the resulting alkaline water will be less alkaline and sterile from mineral substances. In fact, alkaline water awakens mixed emotions. Some people praise it, seeing it as a cure for many ailments and wonderful properties, others undermine it. Surely the arguments are on both sides ... What do you think about this?


What are isotonic drinks really? Colorful beverages available at specialty stores and in general sale. Well-known isotonic are especially popular in athletes and physically active people. Their consumption is aimed at restoring the level of electrolytes and water in the body. In addition, supplementation of mineral salts and vitamins, which are excreted during physical exertion along with the latter, are also important to provide isotonic drinks. Some contain sodium that prevents muscle contraction. Very well, when our isotonic also contains potassium to support the nervous system and muscle, and even better if it is enriched with calcium and sodium. Isotonics have a lower sugar content than energy drinks, also less saturated with carbon dioxide. We divide them into hypotonic drinks and hypertonic drinks. Hypothetical action is the delivery of water to the body, salt and sugar in the liquid is lower than their concentration in the human body, hypertonic - the opposite. The variety of isotonics available on the market is huge, and their manufacturers are racing to come up with their advantages. On store shelves we find products of various colors, unfortunately used synthetic dyes are very dangerous for our body, because they decompose into carcinogenic substances and accumulate in the internal organs. Often, they contain other chemical additives that sensitive people, nursing women, or pregnant women should consider particularly. Excess chemicals may show rashes, headaches and sometimes even nervous system disorders. In order to prevent misleading the consumer, the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection has introduced regulations on isotonic drinks. Thus, the most important parameter was the osmolality of the beverage, and this must be in the range 270 - 330 mOsm / kg. Also very important is the caloric value. Isotonic foods are values from 80 kcal / 1000 ml to 350 kcal / 1000 ml. They must contain 460 mg / l to 1150 mg / l of sodium and a minimum of 75% of energy must supply sugars with a high glycemic index. Athlete's diet is not only meals, but also adequate hydration of the body, so isotonics topic is very important, because the water in addition to that very quickly reaches the bloodstream, unfortunately will not supplement vitamins and minerals and will not provide energy. Irrigation of the body during physical exercise is very important because dehydrated organism may develop cardiovascular disorders, weakness, and even stroke. According to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), it is advisable to drink isotonic drinks for more than 60 minutes to provide sodium, potassium and carbohydrates to the body. What is really the direction of choosing the right isotonics? First of all it is appropriate to choose it for our needs, if we are physically active we certainly must pay attention to the content of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and sugars. The above mentioned colors (cochineal red, brilliant blue), sweeteners (aspartame) and acidity regulators (sodium citrate, potassium citrate) are also important. Remember that the eucalyptus red has a certain daily intake, and the brilliant blue in some countries has been banned. It is best to discuss isotonics with a dietitian or a personal trainer. Remember that daily consumption of certain products determines our health, sometimes it is useful to familiarize yourself with home-made isotonic drinks, with no added chemicals or artificial sugars. We recommend the following recipe: - 1 liter of mineral water - squeezed grapefruit juice - 1 g of salt - 2 tablespoons of honey

Drink Aloe

Drink Aloe Aloe is one of the monocots of succulents. It has about 330-400 species. It adopts forms of shrubs, woody, perennial and even lian. It is found mainly in Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, African countries and the Canary Islands. Already in ancient times aloes enjoyed great acclaim, and his healing and soothing qualities were even known to Cleopatra, who, to preserve her youth and beauty, was bathed in aloe vera juice. Despite the diversity of species, the most known and "tested" for the human body is aloe vera. In the fleshy leaves of aloe we find in addition to the multitude of vitamins and minerals, active substances like aloeemedin, baroque and aloin. All these substances are used in the production of bactericidal or fortifying drugs, the best form available for our body are all aloe vera and its base. For allergies, hard healing wounds, lowering sugar levels, or effectively improving immunity. Perfectly relieve the symptoms of immunological diseases. Out of the multitude of healthy aloe vera interactions, the longest known are bile and laxative. Aloe juice is good for proper bowel function and toxins. It alleviates intestinal inflammation and is used in prophylaxis of gastric ulcer. Contained in aloe vera, sterols are important anti-inflammatory fatty acids, reducing the absorption of cholesterol, so drinking aloe juice has an effect on lowering cholesterol. In addition, it fungicides and antibacterial, treats urinary tract infections and genitals. It has alkalizing effect and regulates blood pressure, prevents heart disease and atherosclerosis. Aloe juice and its anti-prostaglandins contain analgesic and inhibit inflammatory processes. Marketed beverages and aloe vera juices contain vitamins. Aloe Vera contains as many as 12 vitamins (including B vitamins, vitamin C, A and E), 20 minerals (eg chrome, iron, magnesium, sodium or selenium.) As you know, vitamins and minerals determine the action of all our body. Aloe juice has a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, accelerating hair growth. Undoubtedly, juices and drinks containing aloe vera have a very good effect on the human body. Remember, however, that they contain a fairly high percentage of aloe vera, as well as the least artificial chemical additives, sugar and known origin, and are best certified.

Drink water, it's healthy!

We know how important water is for every athlete. Her role with increased physical activity is known to everyone, even children. We take it every day, not only after intensive training or marathon, it is essential for proper functioning of our organism and life. Choosing the Nobel Water Sports this routine and good habit of drinking water you can change into an even better conscious gesture of support for our charge. Funds from the distribution of mineral water Nobel Sport are transferred to the development of young talent, develop their passion and interest.

Aloe Drinks

Our Association is supported by Health Trade Poland Sp. z o.o. - a general distributor of Tropical Aloe Juices in Poland. Tropical aloe juices have the right recipe. They combine health benefits with refreshing taste and are very popular in a group of athletes. You can find out about this visiting their website www.aloedrinks.pl. As partners we have common interests and we support common passions.

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