Nobel Sport

Associations for people with passion

The Nobel Sport Association was founded in 2003 by people for whom sport and active leisure are one of the most important aspects of life.

Since 2009 our Association has got the status of Public Benefit Organization and is entitled to 1% income tax. This privilege allows us to realize the statutory objectives of the association.

Nobel Sport not only shares its passion for sport and active lifestyle, but also supports young athletes who, due to their financial situation, have a difficult time fulfilling their sporty dreams. By engaging in various forms of physical activity, we develop talents in the environment of children and young people and we want to create real opportunities for them to succeed. Our childrens are talented young tennis players, equestrian club players, billiards and table football fans. Their joy and success are our greatest gratitude.

Our mission is to seek new solutions and opportunities for effective action. We give our helping hand to athletes in need of financial support. We do not want to miss their accomplishments and we want to contribute to their further successes that they are able to achieve. We support schools, sports unions, as well as small local clubs, specializing in the training and training of young talents. We help them to get the right equipment. We know that well-equipped facilities will be an additional motivation for children and young people to actively participate in physical education and sports activities, and this will certainly result in many spectacular successes.

We organize sports competitions, encourage healthy competition, shape strong and positive traits of our children and promote healthy lifestyles. We know new people and new passions.

We provide support and assistance to people and institutions active in every area of physical culture. We are open to any proposals for cooperation, including those related to the organization of cyclical sports events such as tournaments, marathons, gold and championships.

Zig Ziglar was right - "You are the only person in the world who can take advantage of your potential". That is why we would like to encourage everyone to cooperate and invite to support the Association, because often offered help is a fundamental beginning of sporting achievements for those who have talent and have no financial opportunity for its development.

We help and believe in sports opportunities.

We are convinced that it is worth looking for new ways to achieve more, diversifying everyday life and finding joy in active and above all healthy lifestyle.

Nobel Sport has already helped in many sports ventures, giving the opportunity to meet the sports dreams of many people and institutions.

We do not want to rest on our laurels, so we are still expanding our activity.