Penny to penny, which is what can be from 1%?

Through the action of 1% many schools enrich their teaching and sports facilities each year. They have a chance to improving the efficiency of their students' activities.


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Nobel Sport Association

The association was formed on the initiative of a group of people wishing to infect young people with their passion for sport.

Nobel Sport not only shares its passion for sport and active lifestyle, but also supports young athletes who, due to their financial situation, have a difficult time fulfilling their sporty dreams.

Drink healthily

Water, which sponsors talents

We are convinced that it is worth looking for new ways to achieve more, diversifying everyday life and finding joy in active and above all healthy lifestyle.

Nobel Sport has already helped in many sports ventures, giving the opportunity to meet the sports dreams of many people and institutions.

We do not want to rest on our laurels, so we are still expanding our activity.